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When you need a little magic in your life, look no further than Tilly Magical Hair Salon. Offering you the services you need to confidently show off voluminous and healthy hair, Tilly Magical Hair Salon is proud to be your new go-to for great style. Located in Vancouver, WA, Tilly Magical Hair Salon is a hair salon that is committed to making you look and feel beautiful. Regardless of your hair type or texture, Tilly Magical Hair Salon has the expertise and knowledge needed to give you the style you want.. We offer amazing Hair Color, Women Haircut, Men’s Haircut, Balayage Hairstyle, Box Braids, Platinum Blonde Hairstyle, Natural Hair Salon, Curly Hair Salon, Waxing, African-American Hair Salon, Sew-in Extension, Brazilian Blowout, Hair Relaxer Application,  Hair Wigs, Hair Highlights, Hair Extensions, Cornrows, Blonde Hair Salon, Hair Coloring Salon, Hair Weave, Brazilian Blowout Service, Coils Hair Salon, Black Hair Salon, Curly hair Salon, Coloring Service, Lowlights Service, Keratin Complex Products. Book an appointment today, get a beautiful Hair tomorrow!!

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Women's Haircuts

A customized haircut designed by your stylist to fit your individual style and preferences

Hair coloring

Altering the natural color with another hair color

Balayage/Ombre Hairstyle

The art of painting color or lightener on the hair to give subtle dimensional effect

Hair Highlights

This will lighten and brighten the hair with quality lighteners that will maintain the integrity of your hair, leaving it shiny and soft with help of b3 deep conditioner

Box Braids

Parting the hair in a triangular or square dimension by adding extensions to the part section to form a single stand

Hair Weave Extensions/ Sew-in Weaving

Extensions are positioned close to the scalp by weaving, braiding, or bonding, and may consist of real or synthetic hair. They are designed to add length and volume to the style. When applied professionally, extensions will mix and move naturally any style

Brazillian Blowout Hairstyle

Brazillian Blowout improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle

Hair Relaxer

Full chemical application from root to the end to relax and straighten new growth

Root Touch-Up

Reapplication of color at the root of the hair to enhance the natural hair color

Cornrows Hair Styles

weaving or braiding the natural hair to the scalp

Natural Hair Styling

Men's Haircut

Child's Haircut

Hair Conditioning Treatment

A formula that is designed to restore proteins and moisture in the hair. Often the client will wear a cap and be placed under a dryer for 10-20 minutes to increase the speed of penetration.

Curly Hair and Haircut

African-American Hair


Hair Color

Braiding Service

Men’s Haircut

Hair Extensions

Color Correction

Hair Extensions

Box Braids

Hair Wigs


Natural Hair Salon

Coil Hair Salon

Brazilian Blowout Service

Lowlights Service

Root Bleaching Service

Blonde Service

Balayage Services

Ombré Hair Services

Fashion Coloring Services

Black Hair Salon

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